Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Share Your Adult Placement Success Stories

A comment on the last post must have been reading my mind. I have gotten several email from parents who say that their adult child’s group home are very caring and try very hard. I have also gotten email with horror stories. I admit that I can be a little bias on out of home placements. I was just thinking to request your success stories so we were fair and balanced, as they say.

The success of placements seem to have to do with not only the competence of the facility but the ability of the complex adult to tolerate a group type setting. Billy Ray has been in two different settings that didn’t work. I have been wanting to share that experience but don’t want to imply that all placements result in horror stories. So as the commenter on the prior post asks let’s hear about some success stories. You can either email with them and I will post with or without your name (let me know which you wish) or you can leave them as comments to this post.

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Peggy Lou Morgan
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