Friday, November 09, 2007

We're Still Here 11/09/07

While it may not seem obvious, because I haven't posted for a while, I am working on support for parents of adults with special needs. AMACOM Books has given me the go-ahead on a new book, tentatively titled The Never Empty Nest, which deals with adults. More to come on that later.
In my last post I talked about the importance of having someone to "hold the story". I mentioned one of my step-granddaughters who seems to have a close relationship to Billy Ray. Again, I want to say that he has good relationships with others in the family but this one just seems a natural. Elora is also older.
Elora was here for a long weekend so I got a chance to talk with her about my thinking that she would hold Billy Ray's story and what that would mean. She loved the idea and I thought showed great understanding of it. I noted that she involved Billy Ray in activities even more than usual. He is very responsive to her and it works well. Above are two pictures of them making ice cream punch together.
I am working on an article about teaching younger kids and adults to simplify housekeeping tasks using products like Swiffer. I will post a link here when it is on my website.